This is a Complaint of Awareness not to find fault with a person. On my returning Amtrak trip on the first morning I must have been a sight, my unsteady walk and slurred speech coming into the Dining car and asking for orange juice with my breakfast. It was my fault for not identifying myself as a Diabetic II by showing my Red Medical Dog Tags being Retired Military. I have Military service connected Diabetes with VA Disability.
I must have made a first bad impression with my return trip Server, from then on there was little things: twice asking me if I wanted a beer I’m a Diet Coke Drinker, the look, making me feel I was the Server’s less favorite passenger and I felt being served last on purpose, Demanding why and what I was putting in my hot water I ordered, I answered sugarless French Vanilla Cafe.
My last meals on my five day Amtrak return travel before moving to my first trip Server’s dining car I was seated with two other passengers when I was told to move and was moved by the Server to another table by myself embarrassing me in front of the other two passengers without a word; I was told I was seating too close to the aisle. Then when I was brought my meal the Server had the first trip Server observe me, seeing if I would protest, which I didn’t give the satisfaction. Later one of the two passengers I was seating put his hand on my shoulder and look of support as he was leaving.
The funny part I too dislike handling drunks in my careers and lifetime and I’ve never drink alcohol in my life time.

Found At: Amtrak – Awareness of intoxicated behavior of diabetes symptoms.

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