Angels Of Siberia

I purchased a kitten from her awhile back. While the kitten is very sweet and Angela was very responsive and sent alot of pictures, he came with a TON of health problems. From external parasites to internal parasite as well. Angela was very aggressive towards me when I questioned her about it and claimed that she sent me home with a healthy kitten. The kitten had to be quarantined for months until we could get the parasites under control. Unfortunately somehow the kitten still managed to give my other pets the parasites. So my vet bills are through the roof with no help from her! If you are wanting a Siberian kitten go somewhere else. She over breeds her cats and unfortunately they are highly neglected when it comes to their health. The only thing she offered me was a refund if I gave her the kitten back! She’s only in it for the money. Buyer beware!

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