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Hi Maria,
Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your followup here is my complete experience for your reference. I have highlighted some areas of improvements.

1. I woke up on wednesday morning and had a lot of itching in my head. this happens sometimes but this time it was more so i asked my wife to look at it. She found that there were many little pimples like thing in my head. They also had pus in it so i was very scared. I also have been having a little headache continously for last 2-3 days and i never get headaches so i was already worried.

2. I connected to work and found out references to dermatologists in the online community board. Someone suggested apollo and Dr I. S. Reddy. Trusting the name apollo i went there. I tried to get an appointment but i couldnt get it on phone because i was told no appointments for dr Reddy. Now appointments for Dr Reddy are available online on your site also which I just saw. I would be happier if i got an appointment because i know your time is precious and so is mine.

3. I went to apollo and visited the doctor I dint know much about this so i trusted the doctor and told him what i wrote before. I also had fungal infection in my feet for which i was using an antifungal cream and showed him my head.

4. Now this point is really frustrating. The doctor did not write any diagnosis on what happened and what the treatment is for. I was really scared and thats why i went to apollo. I also specifically asked he dint tell me anything particular. He should have written the diagnosis on paper and explained to me what has happened at least on asking. He did not tell me that the disease is contagious which I found later on and can spread through combs towels etc. I can now educate you now what happened to me. He prescribed to me a multivitamin and head shampoo which is just an anti dandruff shampoo with zinc like head and shoulders and a skin cream for my feet which was not even antifungal. He asked me to come back after a month ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to know what was my diagnosis based on which the treatment was written I have the prescription written with me i can scan and it and send it to you for your reference in case you want that.
I complained all this to my wife but she consoled me and said doctor knows more than me so far good so i went back and did what he said religiously.
I took the multivitamins and used the shampoo and woke up next day to find that the pimples on my head have increased and i also had one on my face with pus overnight. I got scared and then i found more information later.

this is what my doctor should have told me in apollo
I had fungal infection called tinea capitis in medical terms which is a fungal infection and will need a medical treatment and not just vitamins.
itis caused by a fungus. Fungi that cause ringworm live and multiply on the upper layer of the skin and on the hair. Ringworm is not caused by a worm or other parasite.

Ringworm of the scalp is most commonly caused by the fungus Trichophyton tonsurans, which spreads from one person to another. In past decades, the fungus Microsporum canis was the most common cause, but it is a less frequent cause now.

Exams and Tests
Your doctor will probably also look at a hair or skin sample (KOH preparation) under a microscope to determine whether a fungus is present.

Tests used for ringworm of the scalp or beard include:

A KOH (potassium hydroxide) preparation, which your doctor can use to determine whether the skin condition is caused by a fungus.
A fungal culture (skin culture), which your doctor usually will do only if diagnosis is difficult or the skin condition is not responding to treatment. The test results may take 4 to 6 weeks.
please note none of the tests were done or were told to me.
Antifungal medicine (pills or liquid) and shampoo used together are most effective in curing ringworm of the scalp and beard.

Depending on the medication, antifungal pills are usually taken for 4 to 12 weeks.

Medication Choices
The most common antifungals you can use to treat ringworm of the scalp or beard include:

Allylamines (including terbinafine and naftifine hydrochloride).
Azoles (including miconazole, itraconazole, ketoconazole, fluconazole, clotrimazole).
Antifungal shampoos are used to treat this I wasnt told about that either.

I took an antifungal pill called Griseofulvin and i am still taking it i could see the effect in one night. next night the pus and itching reduced. I have been taking this pill for last 5 days continously and i still have the itching so its not completely gone but i can say with a lot of confidence that nothing would have happened with multivitamins


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