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I am writing this email because I want anyone thinking of submitting an application online or paper, to not do so. Applied bank are bogus. They charge the customers excessive fees when they pay on the date of the paument due. They are rude and calous people. Instead of representatives trying to resolve the issue with the customers, they wil minimize applied banks involvement, stating you as a customer know about the fees and you know better, making the company look innocent. The respentative try the customer like their indigent. The representatives are calous people and they are intentionally make the customer late on payments. One time I sent a payment in for my business account, the representatives applied the payment to my personal account even though the check and payment coupon was for my business account. They told me it was my mistake even though I had proof. i sent everything in and they still charged me extra fees. When I do receive extra cash, I will pay both accounts in full and get rid of the greedy credit cards companies. I beleive they will not last any longer because of their greediness, and the public is getting tired of companies abusing customers. If the representatives do not like their job well go get another damn job. Hell, it is some people out there who want to work and help people.

Found At: Applied Bank – Excessive fees

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