Aqua Finance - rainsoft water softener system

After being told by a sales rep that came to my door from Discovery Marketing that my new born would get cancer if she was raised on the tap water, and assuring that with the free items, and 1 year of salt refills that the system would pay for itself and I would not pay anything out of pocket (single mother with newborn and one other child).
The contract gave me only 3 days to cancel, and working full time with 2 children, it wasn’t possible however I WISH I had!
The sales pitch was absolute lies. They installed the system with no salt and I was ensured that each month there would be a delivery. The delivery never came. I called Aqua Finance because the paperwork was completely confusing (Discovery Marketing, Aqua Finance, and Rainsoft all involved here and pointing figures at each other). After not receiving the services promised when signing contract, I made complaints and had to go from person to person to reach the right people. The system was not working as promised as I was ensured food would fall of the dishes and macaroni would boil without sticking (both false claims). Finally, Rainsoft came out and filled with salt, I made complaints and again, was told there was nothing that could be done as the system seems to be working “okay”. Regardless, I wanted them to come get the system, and because I was unable to make the payments, I attempted to work out other arrangements since I never made enough money to cover the $95 a month. They refused to work with me or look into my complaints of the false claims made that got me into this mess to begin with. I never heard anything from them after I contacted them and told them I was unable to make the monthly payment. In 2013, I received a letter from an attorneys office in Miami, FL. I sent in a validation of debt request, no response, I left MANY voicemails for the number on the letterhead and never a call back. In the fear that I would end up in court, I did research and realized it was the Aqua Finance account (the letter had MBC Investments as the creditor not Aqua Finance). I sent in a check for $10 and requested additional information again, made several calls, no response however they did cash my check! I sent a 3rd letter explaining that they cashed my check and were not communicating with me! NO RESPONSE! Now, here I am in 2018 and was summons from a new attorney. Low and behold, they had my telephone number, never received any calls providing payment address as Aqua Finance had no information on file and was unable to tell me where to submit payments in 2013 when I called since the attorney’s office never responded. Now they want a total of 10k for a system I have never been able to afford to run and it has been sitting on the side of my house inoperable.
This company is a SCAM and they do not play by any rules. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THEM. I have signed many contracts and never have I been so tossed around and ignored.

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