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I have been a verified Armslist member for years now. Have bought and sold thousands of dollars in firearms related items Iver the years. I recently ran into a problem however.
I had a rifle for sale and was contacted via email about if I wanted to trade it. I told the guy I’m not interested in trading. I was then cursed up and down by this guy, another verified member, for saying I’m not interested. He then proceeded to tell me he would remove my listings and have my account blocked. (All of this transpired over my personal email). I was then contacted by another member that like to watch for my items because of the quality of the stuff I post up for sale when I’m selling. This member told me that my listing had been removed. As I looked into it yes it was removed. I tried to repost only to have it be ghosted. Basically I can’t post anything at all. So here I am being punished for selling. Now is where it gets even better. I opened a new account and reposted the rifle. Only to have it removed again with in 24 hours!
This guy has continued to contact me via a new email thinking it’s funny that he can do this to me a member in good standings that doesn’t cause trouble.
Keep in mind none of this transpired anywhere but my personal email.
So after the 3rd attempt, I finally Google Armslist contact # and call them. I am greeted on the phone by someone with a heavy accent that I can barely understand. I explained the situation and provide this harassing members email address and he tells me he can reinstate my account and look into the problem I am having with this other member for $500! I ask what’s the $500 is for. And he says so they can look into the emails. Keep in mind the emails are mine and I have them, not Armslist!
This guy was rude and if this is what Armslist is all about them I’m done with you!
In all seriousness, why would anyone pay $500 to have Armslist turn my private individual account back on that someone else that’s harassing me got banned?!?!? Not only that but why would I pay $500 for Armslist to look at emails they don’t even have, I do!
You at Armslist are loosing more and more good members like myself for this kind of games your playing and not doing your part in stopping this harassment going wild on the site!
So now, 4 days later, I still can’t use Armslist. And nothing is going anywhere. Seems like a serious scam system to me. When you want $500 to do nothing but turn in a free account!

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