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I bought a leather sofa and love seat from Ashley furniture in November 2020. They were delivered January of 2021. I moved out of state February of 2021. In June of 2021, I stood up with my hand on the arm of the leather sofa. The arm of the sofa gave way, and smashed down. There is some sort of frame damge. (I was temporarily on crutches and needed the support as I stood up. I am not a big person, so it was not a lot of pressure on the arm). Ashely furniture customer service told me the one year manufacturer warranty will not cover it since I moved from the original delivery place. The 5yr warranty will not cover it since it is frame damage. This is such poor workman ship. I do not have kids, and have not been rough on this sofa. Also of note, when it was delivered, I noticed that this particular arm was slightly crooked. I thought it was no big deal, maybe just coushining not level. I should have said something right then and there. It seemed like such a minor issue, but apparently it was more.
I am absolutely disappointed in Ashely furniture. They clearly manufacter products with extremely low quality and will not fix issues that are due to their poor quality.

Found At: Ashley HomeStore – Frame damage not covered under warranty

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