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About 3 weeks ago I purchased a complete bedroom suite for over $4000. I set a delivery date. They said they would confirm the delivery 3 days prior to date. Never received a call. On the expected day of delivery I called and the automated system said my delivery had been rescheduled for Dec 9th because the mattress they had sold me (as available) was backordered and would not be in until Dec. 1st. I told them I needed a Saturday delivery as I work during the week. They set up my delivery for Dec 12, but advised I call back around Dec 5 to be sure mattress had arrived in warehouse where all my other items were sitting waiting to be delivered. I called back on the 5th and they said the mattress set was still on backorder and now expected in on Dec 8th. Today I called back and they said mattress set was not in the warehouse yet and that even if it came in today they could not verify it was there until 48 hrs after it arrived in the warehouse. That would be the 10th – the day before my rescheduled delivery. I tried calling the store directly to see if they could help informationally and the call just reroutes back to their toll free customer service number. The recording as I waited on hold various times said to go to for order status. That website doesn’t seem to exist. The recording also said I could go to and message them there. I went there and tried to set up an account to login to my order. It said email already existed, but password not right. I selected reset password and I got an email saying to press the button below to reset password. There was not “button”, but I clicked on everything including RESET PASSWORD and none of the links were active. It said if help needed to contact customer care at [protected]. Keep in mind in all these attempts to communicate there are prolonged waiting times on hold. Customer care put me on hold, came back and said they couldn’t help but I should call guest response call team at [protected]. I was on hold for 10 minutes, then a recording came on asking me to rate their response to my request on a scale of 1 to 5 and then the call disconnected! At this point I don’t know how to confirm mattress is in and all items will be delivered this Saturday. So frustrating and my back now hurts from sleeping on my couch for two weeks. This had taken a lot of the joy I initially had over the purchase of my bedroom set and as a result I would not recommend Ashley Furniture to anyone because of my inability to communicate with them to get clear answers and because of the poor delivery system they seem to have (i.e. not confirming delivery, then rescheduling me with a random date they picked before checking with me as to whether I would be available on that date).

Found At: Ashley HomeStore – Unable to contact customer service or store regarding delivery issues

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