Ashton Woods Homes

As a former employee with Ashton Woods I can tell you that the care more about the bottom line than being green. Go to their job sites, and see all the waste.. A green builder? I think not. If they spent more time focusing on an honest product, and honest business practices they wouldn’t waste so much money on bad marketing, and a shotty product that people dont want to buy anymore.

At the end of the day, the business is run my a bunch of hiper-republican jerks that want more money in their pockets, and brush problems under the rug until they turn into HUGE issues, and then they lay-off 12 people at a time every 2 years to compensate for all the BIG-wigs poor planning.

If you believe in supporting ethical companies, don’t support this one. Your money is better spent on a company that is honest, reliable, and doesn’t solely focus on the bottom line, Ashton Woods Homes bottom line is Upper managers making more money at the expense of their employees working too many jobs at once, and falsely representing their product with pretty marketing schemes..

The proof is at the job sites.

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