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We bought a house in Johns creek GA from Ashton woods. We have numerous issues with each and every room. They either said its within the acceptable range of error and nothing was done or nobody responding and/or attending to the issues listed in house closing exception list and most of the issues identified will be forward to the customer care as its almost a month we closed the house. So you can imagine, closing issues listed and should have been fixed with in a week or so, not completed even after a month, God knows how many months it will take customer care to fix all the issues identified in each and every room.

Moral of the story: Please do not ever buy a house from Ashton Woods. If you do, do not go with any upgrades with them. Your home will not turn into one of their model houses though you pay and pick all the upgrades in those model houses. And certainly do not the house if they are having any pending issues. They do not care about customer satisfaction. They only care about your money.

Some of the issues are below:
– Gaps in the hardwood floors, instead of fixing it, they caulked it and saying you cannot put thru a credit card in it. Shouldn’t they see the gaps and credit card rule of thumb before the caulking?
– Ups and downs in the hardwood floors. Though identified by the third party inspector, they did nothing about it. Now forwarding it to customer care.
– Tiles installation so messed up, you can feel the bumps in various places in master bath and kitchen back splash.
– Its been a month closed the house, still master bath is not fixed. and we are not able to use it.
– We chose very nice expensive stone for our fireplace. It has broken stones, which they tried to cover it with caulking, and now is looking more awkward. Though its in exception list, they are forwarding it to customer care. God Knows how many years it will take them to fix these things.
– Trim doesn’t sit on the floor and on the ceiling you can see clearly the gaps between trims
– walls – you can clearly see the dry wall sheets’ lining beneath the paint.

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