Aspen Dental

I lost a filling over the weekend and it left sharp spots. My regular dentist couldn’t see me until Thursday so I went to Aspen as emergency. From the moment I got there it felt like being at a Timeshare pitch. The girl that took the panoramic x-ray took me to take MORE xrays of my mouth. I asked why. She said it was for a comprehensive exam. I told her VERY clearly that I’m only there to get out of pain and possibly replace the filling. Nothing more. I have an appointment Thursday w/my reg dentist. And I had to be out in 1.5 hours. She said ok. But continues with her slow and awkward x-rays.

After 30 minutes I tell her AGAIN I don’t want anything but that. The hygienist comes in and starts the sales pitch again! I tell her VERY clearly what I’m there for and now I’m getting upset. The Dentist walks in and talks to me like I’m a child. She said the tooth is broken. I said there used to be a filling there. Then she said “well yes, there was but it’s broken”. Then proceeds to tell me there isn’t enough time to fill it but could smooth it out. I’m getting madder by the second. Had they just listened to me we wouldn’t have wasted 45 minutes on things I didn’t need.

So chair goes back and the same clumsy girl that took my x-rays puts the suction in my mouth so far down I gag and isn’t even holding on to it! The dentist begins but the water is literally going down my throat. I gag and she has the gall to tell me not to move. I explain that I can’t breathe. So she spends 5 seconds with a drill and asks if that’s ok. It’s still rough. Hits it again. Is that ok? I ask “Aren’t you going to polish it?” By now I realize I’m not getting what I need. Then this huge guy comes in all menacing. What in the world? They need bodyguards? She rudely tells me “I think you need to see your regular dentist.” First time I’ve agreed with them.

I flee. They refuse to send my comprehensive x-rays that I didn’t ask for to my dentist and now I can’t have them done there.

Please do NOT go to this business. Anyone can have their friends write nice reviews. This one is REAL. I’m still in pain, I can’t get x-rays at my regular dentist now and they refuse to send the ones they billed my insurance for The whole thing was traumatizing. Just NO.

Found At: Aspen Dental – Bad place. Avoid!!!

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