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On Oct 31 2019 I went in and had All my teeth removed. THey gave me immediate dentures, stating they were free and woud be charged for my permanent set. It was supposed to be an automatic withdraw on the 3rd of every month. ( My dad was paying for the dental procedure and dentures at $1, 000 a month for $7, 226.40) NOT the price we had agreed on at all in the office, they told me the “new” price when I went in for a check up. I have had double ear infection since my teeth were pulled. The inside of my cheeks and under my tongue get raw and swollen every time i wear them. I can’t chew food properly (teeth aren’t sharp enough to chew food up) I choke a lot. They stick out a good 1/4 of an inch from my gums, I have to reapply adhesive twice a day everyday. Since they are so big, big chunks of food get caught between my dentures and roof of mouth, they cut my tongue too. The bottom dentures are so large that it scrapes on my Plica Fimbriata and Frenulum causing pain, rawness, and swelling. WHen I told them about it they said sorry your mouth will get used to it by the time you get your permanent teeth in July 2020. I have never met anyone that has had these issues with their dentures. Thier’s are thin and fit flush with their gums. As mentioned above mine are FAR from flush or thin. THey have charged me twice the amount i was originally quoted, which i had to take with me the day I had my teeth pulled, they did NOT return the original agreement to me after the procedure or since. My email is [protected]

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