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I absolutely hate having to put my business out here, its embarrassing.
However, I came in with a broken flipper that was still being worn.
We were there only to purchase a new partial.
We made it very clear to the dentist we didn’t want the orginal flipper touched until we were satisfied with the new partail.
MJ a staff member quickly asked to see the broken flipper. I handed it over. She says “oh this is so easy to fix.” I said, oh no I don’t want this to be fixed today, as we started walking to the front desk she said “oh no let us fix it real quick so you can go eat.
( I don’t eat with it) I refused, multiple times. She took off with my tooth saying all she has to do is add something to it.
I was in a panic. I was trying to tell my husband who was talking to Hanna. She took my tooth. I said, “they’re going to mess it up.”
I was so upset & didn’t know what to do. Although I wanted to I couldn’t just start yelling & enter their work space.
I wanted to wait until I had a finished fitted product.
It didn’t make sense to have them fix my partail without knowing if Aspen could make an accurate new partail.
When they brought it back the fit was awful. I was so upset. MJ asked to see the roof of my mouth & tried acting as though she could see it fits, it didn’t fit.
They insisted “it’s ok we can fix it we just have to break it again.” What!? Well I couldn’t wear it out the door so I had to let them do that. They brought it back a second time. This time didn’t fit either but I could wear it, they said we can fix it we will have to break it again. I said No!
The dentist could tell how unhappy I was & said we can fix it  to fit after we finish your other denture, Okay. Fine.
Now my partail that I did love (Even broken) is still messed up & because I’m terrified to let anyone touch it now my original flipper now scratches on the front of the tooth,   & the acrilic that was added isn’t the same material (cheap).

Second, When I came in to get my tooth fitted we found out the original dentist had left that office. We we’re very confused but went with it.
When I put in the partial there were large gaps on each side of the tooth, awful!
I said “no, I can’t take this like this.’
MJ & the new dentist said it looks great ( fake happiness, like I’m a dog that can’t see but only be happy because of their tone).
The new dentist said we can’t fix that’s just the way it is.
They both tried telling me it looked GREAT. said, “I’m not taking this.”
They said ok but we will have to reschedule since the tech is not here.
When we went back I was told they would have to restart the mold it because the original mold broke. They did not redo the wax try in, just a top mold.
When they brought back the new tooth,
I told them it doesn’t fit and I really don’t like the gap in the front.
They talked me into taking it home and trying it out. On my way out, I was crying about how I did not like the partial, MJ said ” at least it looks better than the gap that was already there”. I was already insecure!
I cried everyday for more than a week.

Furthermore on the lighter side of this  unprofessional treatment
I was not told about my options on partials.
I was not told which package I would be receiving for 600$. I received the same quality of materials from aspen that I did from a competing denturist for $250
& received your so called classic pack for $400 from another competitor.

They took my money, $600, & tried doing the least amount of work that they could do then tried to pressure (bully)  me into taking whatever they had for me.
I want the promise Stated on your website Peace of Mind Promise
Your Aspen Dental practice will do everything possible to make sure you have the best experience possible. That means first-class dentists, a friendly, judgment-free staff, and a promise that they’ll always do right by you. Still waiting.

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