Asset Acceptance

Long story short, AALLC has sent me a few letters trying to collect on an old debt I had with Nexcard for around $700.00. It was charged off in 07/2000 and bought at some point by AALLC, i do not know when. SOL in Maryland is 3 years as far as i can tell, and AALLC has been re-aging this debt several times to make it appear that this is much newer debt, which it is not.

I sent them a request for debt validation letter and what i got back was a print out from AALLC stating my name and last 4 of my SSN and current address, original nexcard account number, new AALLC account number, original amount owed and accrued interest equaling over 1600 bucks.

Does the above constitute true validation (I don’t think it does, and am prepared to send them yet another differently worded validation request with examples of what i want) and what can be done to prove to the credit bureau’s to prove that this is out of the SOL and is re-aged debt, because they keep saying it is legit debt and keep reporting it.

Found At: Asset Acceptance – AALLC is a debit scam!

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