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Hello, my name is Latonya M. Finley, and my # is [protected]. My addresses is 5516 Sussex Ave. Shreveport, LA 71108.
I contacted you regarding a problem with my Phone. My port was no longer working so I called and reported this on Tuesday January 3, 2022 I was told that you would send me out a replacement phone in 24-48 hours. Well I never received the phone. And today is January 16, 2022.. I really need my phone.
I used a wireless charger to try and use my phone because I am missing important messages and phone calls. But once I got it charged up and tried to use it my phone was locked. The message I got said that my PIN number was no longer valid. So I tried the forgotten password feature and enter the answer to question? what was my favorite city? and I enter my city but a message said to try again later. I don’t understand what is going on. Are you trying to drop my service. This has been the worst service I got since you changed service from assurance to T- mobile. It should not be this much trouble to keep my phone in service. If you don’t want to service me, that’s fine. I will pay to have the phon repaired with my own money if you don’t want to send me a replacement. Just don’t pretend like you are such a great company that offer such good service because you don’t. Why would I want to invite anyone to join your service. You have not treated me right. Can you please let me know if you are going to send me another phone or unlock my phone, or will I have to get my port repaired out of my own money, I need my phone. Please respond.

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