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Poor wedding services and misleading Rental”>

Dont Rent from Charles Wiebe and Astoria Estates in Las Vegas

Description : When we arrived at this home there was an RV in the private gated parking . The rental owners lived in the RV on the property and worked out of the back room and garage of one of the rental homes. They never mentioned this in our communications or we would not have rented from them.

Talk about creepy! Having strange men in the home and in your yard when you have your family and young children in the pool. They had no respect for privacy and were in our business unannounced whenever they wanted. The second house had no curtains whatsoever and we had to ask them to hang something so the women could change comfortably.

In addition, Astoria Estates (Charles Wiebe), said their partner Wish List Las Vegas (Jay), were wedding planners so we hired them for that. We ended up doing everything ourselves. Things they promised and were in the contract, were mysteriously canceled or unavailable two days before the wedding, with no refund for what the missing contracted items. It didn’t seem that these Jokers had ever been to a wedding before, let alone planned one. We spent many hours ourselves decorating, arranging tables, directing the wedding when the planner was paid to do it.

We booked these two homes on the same private lot with a contract that included a cleaning deposit and pet deposit. The final straw was months later after continuing to call and email to get our deposit back, the home owners finally replied. They said we were not suppose to have pets and the wedding had caused damage that they had to clean up. This was all complete BS. The pet deposit and clause was in the contract, and we thoroughly cleaned after the wedding because we knew they would not do anything.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I do not want to continue with everything. Just Do yourself a favor and do not rent this home or do business with Charles Wiebe and Astoria Estates.


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