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I am a LOYAL Superpack subcriber for abt 5-6 years.
Scenario #1:
I recently found out that Astro is offering new customers at RM25 cheaper than what i have been paying. the catch is that they have to register online and must be NEW customers. How about old customers like me? no rebate? To my surprise, when my first attempt to cancel my account, astro OFFER me RM20 rebate on the condition that i stay for another 24 months contract! Me, a loyal customer, still need contract?

Scenario #2:
Ok. Since astro does not TRUST me with the RM20 rebate (which need 24 months commitment), i decided to cancel my account and the friendly lady inform me that it can only be done on my billing cycle which is 17 of Oct. OK with me. She also ask me to state that i have requested for termination in my new request (online). The day after, i used my mom’s (as a NEW customer) name to online register in order to get the RM25 rebate. Then a personnel called up. From the conversation, they still say cannot help us as they can see there is an active account in the same address. I explained to them what the friendly lady requested me to tell, however they can do nothing until it has been formally cancel on 17 Oct. If this is the case, they can HELP me by processing my request on 18 Oct right? They even reject my request to proceed with new application on 18 OCT onwards. I then call up astro & ask them not to wait until 17 Oct & cancel immediately, but the friendly guy inform that it is procedure to terminate on billing day & cannot bring forward! What a surprise!

In Summary, for me to enjoy astro in a cheaper price, i have to:
1) Cancel old account & enjoy it while I can until 17 Oct
2) on 18 Oct, start like crazy to submit online application (AGAIN) & pray hard that astro can approved this new application soonest possible, so that we can have entainment once again (i have been told it that it takes less than 2 weeks, few days if i am lucky)

Why make loyal customers go through all this hoo haa?

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