I have had a claim since June with no response or updte after multiple calls. This product was originally sent you for repair on another service order at that time the tablet worked perfectly it was sent because the dock was not inputting to the tv, after you returned and we tried to use for the 1st time, the tablet went blue on the screen which had to be caused by asurion. I resent it on claim #[protected] they said they cannot repair and would replace upon receiving receipt. I explained to supervisor receipt was uploaded and she said to await processing since then I called plenty of times for update with no response from supervisor. The next rep I spoke to said that they could not replace it had different serial number, I asked to speak with supervisor and they said someone would call me back. I then called again to follow up after supervisor never returned my call and another rep said no serial number. I want my system back repaired asap, attached is another log of your employees avoiding me.

Found At: Asurion – product damaged and company avoiding accountability

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