United Medical Center - negligence

We gave our money to Atlantic Mutual in May 2010. We thought we were paying for services to reduce the principal on our underwater loan. We moved to Michigan from Illinois in July because of my husband’s new employment. We were told by Atlantic Mutual that we could still get a principal reduction even if we didn’t live in the property. Wrong! I just talked to my lender and Fannie Mae. You can’t get a principal reduction if you don’t live in the property. We were desperate to get out of our mortgage situation and decided to try this company. Yesterday when I finally got a hold of them, Atlantic Mutual told me that they had reached a standstill. Last Friday their main number was disconnected and I got suspicious. I did more research and found out it is illegal to charge an upfront fee, which they did. I am supposed to talk to Brooke Errett sometime next week, but they haven’t made the appointment yet. I would advise anyone no matter how desperate you are to not give any money for a service that hasn’t been supplied. Go to makinghomesaffordable.gov. It will tell you that you never give any money to a company for services upfront. Learn from someone else like me don’t make the same mistake.

Found At: Atlantic Mutual – Still have money

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