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I rented an apartment located in Hempstead, NY 11510, ATM was the responsible landlord. Upon moving in, I had to leave $2600 in security as well as $75 for a key deposit. I resided in that apartment from 9/09-9/11. When I moved out, my apartment was left immaculate and in the same condition as when I moved in. During the time that I rented their, all monthly rent was paid on time and fully. When I moved out, Stephanie instructed me to write a letter requesting the refund and I did. When I called to check on the status, she informed me they lost the letter and needed another one. I drove down and personally hand delived the 2nd letter requesting a refund. Everyday I called and between being disrespected by Grace (the extremely rude receptionist who is famous for disrespecting everyone) and Stephanie telling me that all she is waiting for is Joseph (the manager) to say ok, all I get is the run around. Yesterday I called again, Stephanie said Joseph was in a meeting and she has been trying to reach him so she can mail me out my check and that not to worry, I was getting my refund. Today when I called, I unfortunately got Grace who is extremely nasty and verbally insulted me time and time again. At one time she stated ” who cares its Christmas on Sunday, thats not my kid” another time “Im talking to a 5year old ###ed child” and she repeatedly hung up the phone on me over and over again. It has now been 3 months and I still havent recieved anything more than insults and disrespect. ATM is famous for treated their tenants like garbage, not repairing things, and Grace being the rudest and most disrespectful receptionist. I work in an agency that does housing and they refuse to even work with ATM. To date, there are a plethora of community based agencies and realtors that wont house their clients in any ATM apartment due to the conditions and especially the treatment. I am reaching out to local News Stations as well. If you search the internet with ATM all you will see is non-stop complaints especially about their receptionist.


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