On March 24, 2018 I entered an AT&T Authorized Dealer Store to purchase a new phone. The employee told me about a current promotion where if I purchased one IPhone X another IPhone X would be given to me at no charge. It was a BOGO promotion. I had him verify everything because I wanted to make sure I understood the fine print. He said if I purchase one phone for the full price of approximately $1, 000.00 there would be no charge for the second phone providing I made the first 3 monthly payments on it. After that time my account would be credited back the 3 monthly payments I had made thus making it a free phone.
I wanted to pay off the full price of the first phone right then but was told I had to make a least one payment and after which time I could pay off the full price of the first phone. I agreed but again had him go over everything numerous times because I didn’t want any misunderstandings. There was also another employee in the store who confirmed everything his colleague said. This second employee even assisted with the transaction.
The employee activated the phones and I went home thinking everything was fine. Even so I was still somewhat leery since I have had issues with AT&T employees adding services to my account which I didn’t authorize.
I called the AT&T Customer Service number just to verify everything I was told. After looking into my account the customer service representative did indeed confirm that what I was told and sold is correct.
The shock came on April 27, 2018 when I called AT&T to pay off the price of the phone. I was told that the AT&T authorized dealer made a mistake and should have given me an IPhone 8 and not the 10 as the free phone. No matter what I said they told me I had to pay full price for both of the phones. I went back to the dealer and he apologized and got on the phone with AT&T but was told there was nothing they could do because I should have contacted them before 14 days which is written on the contract. It is true that the contract does state something about 14 days but it also states that I’m receiving a BOGO promotion. So they are holding me to my side of the contract but they are not standing by their side of the agreement. The employee admitted to misunderstanding but AT&T still would not honor their side of the contract.
I came home in tears because I now owe AT&T $2, 000.00 for the phones. I looked on the internet and found many other similar complaints against AT&T for not honoring their BOGO promotions after the contract is signed. My feeling is that the employees are doing this deliberately to make a higher commission knowing that the consumer is now on the hook to pay for these expensive phones. I also think I was deliberately victimized by the young men in the AT&T store because I am a senior citizen.
I truly believe AT&T deliberately and knowing scammed me and many others.
I know there are many others out there that are most likely not reporting this fraud which I’m sure is what AT&T is counting on. They are a huge company and know that we consumers are tiny and don’t have the money and resources to defend ourselves.


Amethyst Duckworth

Found At: AT&T – iphone x bogo promotion scam

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