My home has been up 5 times on The hold situation is a fraud BUYER BEWARE is what I have been told by Craven O says owner. He called me. Phone no. says he lives in Canada. [protected].

Island Advantage RE is also with this trying to sell an 80% destroyed home. Over $280,000 worth of personal property destroyed. I have called and notified LI MLS. Will send them the pics.

OIL burner explosion, black mold, termites from roof and gutters leaking into the attic and walls.

Was told by them, they would rather burn down then sell to me. I have offered to purchase as the true price, minus the damages.

6/2006 they foreclosed, in 1/2007 I went into bankruptcy because they had all my insurance money. My home had flood. BUT, how did they not tell the Federal Judge or Federal trustee, they gave them $33-34,000, that I didn’t owe. I knew nothing about this at all. 8/2006 until 3/2015 in court until now. Begged Judge Farnetti NYS Supreme for decision before my daughter died. Had to fight for this. DENIED. How much would it have taken to prove I did not live there. My daughter was not home.

I continued to pay my mortgage month after month, having NO IDEA my home was foreclosed on.

Judge Farnetti refused a Traverse Hearing to prove my daughter was not served, and I did not live there. This atty knows this.

Said my daughter had Brown hair, 5’3 and 115 lbs.. Interesting because my late daughter 2019 was a blue eyed BLOND, 5’8-9 and 140-150 lbs. Never showed she wore glasses. Blind without. They moved into that house 9/2006 having no idea and we spent about $200,000 in repair and we did them. How in their right mind would do this if they didn’t own. FRAUD. Not allowed to face your accuser, but in CRIMINAL COURT, YOU CAN. Per our United States Constitution. Taking to DA and atty General office. They have, I understand, a dept for process server fraud. Sewer service. I DIDN’T live there and at the home served my daughter was not home, ID didn’t match and neither did name. Could we get some honesty in the country? Atty Kbuckle and Tod but know the truth but refuse to left all bidders know the truth. Flippers my family lives next door and we won’t allow a piece of wood over damages. We will make sure it’s done correctly…

My granddaughter live there from 9/2006, until the oil explosion 9/2021. She now has no mom, no house, and none of her personal things her mom gave her. Death 2/2019 and Oil explosion 9/2021. The atty for the bank and owner know for a fact the coming issues but refused to do anything. Tenants can’t buy boilers, re roof house, put new gutter UPI was fighting in court and paying attys. Anyone wants to help…?

Please, don’t hurt yourselves and purchase the fraud properties. On say house worth $507,000. Not even when in perfect condition. knew this is the GOD’s Honest Truth… I can show pics… I have allowed investor in to see the damages.

Said would not be worth $50,000. Land worth that, but taking the house down, EPA oil in the ground, black mold, termites, shinges to remove under siding, electric service panel oil filled, plumbing in slab breaking. Water from roof gutters running down ceiliins and walls.

I ONLY want this house, because my late daughters soul and spirit is in the house we can feel her. I will basically have to tear the house down and get experts for the siding, Black mold, and oil issues.

Not worth it but is’t my granddaughter home with her late mom.

Found At: – Frauds. The bid against you and so do real estates, and there attys to get the price up to the reserve pricve..

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