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Bad Removalist”>

I recieved a quote for a backload. The quote certified the date of pick-up.

It was explained to me that the date may vary by 1 day which I accepted. I payed half, with the other half due on arrival. The first day was excuses as to why they could not pick up as planned.

I requested to be called with an update. It never came, so I called. The same excuse was used.

I requested an update in the late afternoon. No call.

I tried calling 30 times but no resoponse.

Looks like Ive done my money with these guy’s. There website does not mention their address so here it is, so you too can all drop in and Eyeball good old Peter. Im about to.

U4a/ 5 Immarna Rd

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Found At: Auswide Vanlines – Bad Removalist

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