To whom this may concern
I am writing to you to inform you of how disappointed, frighten, and felt so stranded by your company:
When we arrived at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica we went to where the Avis sign was to get the SUV that we had rented back in March for this trip, only to find out our rental was canceled. We received a confirmation just before our departure from Orlando from the Agent in Alajuela, San Jose telling us what information we had to have when we arrived so we could get our rental.
When we met the agent, she told us our reservation was canceled, not to fear she had somewhere else she could rent us a car…. No problem, well this is when our horror began, the gentleman she sent us with was his personal car, she told us it was ok this is how we transport, ok we thought trusting her because she is an employee of Avis. We get in the car believing we are on our way to another business for car rentals only to be brought to a supermarket ATM because they wanted 2 and a half times the price you had charged us in cash American dollars. This is when we told the driver to bring us back to the airport, he refused stating we had to rent with them. The gentleman then made a phone call, then we are on our way back to the airport, so we thought, to only be brought to an off the road garage, when he turned down an alley that led to a garage of sorts with 8 men and himself, the chills crawled up our backs! They surrounded our car at that point. After going back and for with them to bring us back to the airport, they resisted until we started stating we are calling 911 and at this point we finally convinced them to bring us to our hotel, still not knowing, if he was indeed taking us there. We did finally arrive to the hotel only to be charged $50 before he would give us our luggage.
We contacted your company via phone call in the USA and I was told that they could not do nothing. We had other person in the USA check with your company too.
We were very lucky to have escaped this ordeal. We were very fearful for our lives. This was definitely a scam or attempt of trafficking. This was a very emotional event that happened to us that should have never happened. We entrusted your company for assurance for our safety in a foreign country with the transportation we rented from you. WE REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD INVESTIGATE THE ACTIONS OF YOUR EMPLOYEES
We are asking for some emotional compensation for this ordeal because of your employee’s actions
The hardships and the inconvenience were for us to find alternative transportation to still try to enjoy our vacation from one destination to the next as we traveled throughout Costa Rica. Which cost us some extra money.
Hope to hear from your company soon. I am sending this complaint to the Tourism Department in Costa Rica.

Rosa Martinez

This is what we got at Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 11:48 AM

Thank you for choosing Avis! Reservation Number: 01809756US4

We look forward to seeing you at 12:30 PM at JUAN SANTAMARIA INT’L APO

Upon arrival please visit the Avis counter, with your driver’s license and credit card ready.
We will be here to help you get the perfect vehicle along with any protection or additional services you may want to add.

Enjoy your ride!
The Avis Team
Juan Santamaria Intl Apo,
Alajuela Centro

Found At: Avis – Cancelation without notification

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