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I ordered a benetton watch and bata bag combo from this company ( order no. OGA100018279)on 24/06/2017 and it was delivered to me on 08/07/2017 and it was found that the watch does not work. I called up their customer service dept (0n 12/07/2017)and spoke to one Mr. Prasanth, who wanted me to courier it back at my own expense, for which I asked why I should bear the cost of getting it to them. He said that it was their company policy.When I requested to be connected to their superior, he said his superior was busy and that I had to call back after 4 in the evening if I wanted to talk to him. Really absurd isn’t it? The next day (0n 13/07/2017), I again called up the customer service and this time it was a guy called Imran who repeated the same story and when I finally got to speak with their superior Mr. Rashid, he said their company will refund the courier cost and wanted me to enquire what it would cost to send it over. He promised to call me back that evening by 6 to confirm the courier charge, which never happened. Today (0n 15/07/2017), I called them as usual and this time it was another guy called sathinder. I said I want to speak to Rashid for which he said that Rashid was busy and if I wanted to speak with him, I’ll have to call back later.

I’m wondering where on earth are these guys from? Such an annoying customer service. They don’t bother if you have any complaints about their products. “You want to solve an issue, you call us, we’ll never take the pain to understand what a customer has in story” This is their attitude.

One thing is for sure, I’m never going to do business with this rotten company again. Never in my life have I come across such a pathetic customer service.

Found At: Bag It Today – Awful customer service

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