Balwin Properties

It is unfortunate that I have to write this email.

It seems that balwin properties has jumped to the top of my list of worst investment decisions I have ever made in my life.

I am a home owner (14 months now) at your the reid complex and I have lost so many electronics, light bulbs and I cannot even comprehend the cost of all the spoilt food, due to continuous power failures not including load shedding. This is not funny anymore.

I have been sitting without power for 20hours straight and I have to make a living working from home. Yet your company doesn’t even consider adapting the existing solar panels into emergency power supply solutions for your residents.

What is worse, your construction continues in the complex luring in potential new homeowners whom doesn’t have a clue what nightmare they are buying into. That seems a lot like a dodgy deal to me, which I would have never suspected from such a reputable company as balwin properties.

Please don’t come with the excuse that it is an old area with sub-standard infrastructure or that it is because of theft. Each one of these excuses should just raise more alarms on balwin’s capability to conduct a proper survey and preplanning before taking on such a construction project in any area. Either it is a question on professional capability or it goes back to balwin knowingly continuing with such a project understanding the limitations of the area. Again, I hope it is the first option as the latter would be scandalous.

What is balwin properties doing about this situation? The continuous whatsapp and email excuses are not worth anything and only coming across as passive and an inability to connect to your resident. Your residents needs to see proper action, if you are such a huge player in the residential market of south africa. This situation is getting lose to becoming a huge public meltdown on your reputation and your residents are deserving your fullest attention and priority.

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