Bank Alfalah

I have been a customer of Bank Alfalah branch at DHA phase 1 in Karachi. I visited the bank for regular work and to get my statement of account. The branch manager Ms. Maliha greeted me and started asking about my account and business. She then called me in her room and asked me to get banassurance from Bank Alfalah. I told her that i am not interested in this product.

She then brought a form and told me to sign it saying that its just a formality and for the purpose that in case if i ever want to get this product this form signing will ensure i get the best return on policy. She was literally forcing me to sign and eventually i did. (A big blunder)

Later that day i discussed it with another banker friend and he told me that by signing it the bank can deduct the amount of policy and that i cannot do anything about it.

I immediately got all the funds transferred to another account. She kept nagging me from that point to redeposit the amount and made people from her bank call me aswell.

Such fraudulent dealing is a disgrace for such a big bank. I wish this reaches out to concerned authorities for them to know whats happening in their bank.

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