Bank Of Oklahoma

I was called on 11/10 and informed my account was closed, with no notice. 6 months prior to this call my husband had mistakenly canceled a transfer from a bank account that was set up for transfers via the Bank of Oklahoma application. I had made a call to customer service earlier in the week to tell them I had issues with making transfers. Due to the fact that I called customer care about this, the bank actually looked at my account and decided that because of the mistake 6 months ago my account was a risk. I was told that the remaining funds in my account would be mailed out the following week. Today, 12/08, I called and asked for a tracking number for the check. I was told the account was never closed and my funds have not been sent. Furthermore, Bank of Oklahoma does not track checks sent via the mail! Be careful! They will close your account without speaking to you, they are not monitoring what is going on in your account, they will not ensure you receive your funds and make it difficult to recoup your funds.

Found At: Bank Of Oklahoma – Closed account due to their lack of awareness and still have not received my funds

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