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I contacted b&n regarding unauthorized charges on my nook. I started receiving emails thanking me for my purchases. I called b&n within 30 minutes of unauthorized transactions and reported them. I could see there were approx. 14 purchases that I did not make or authorize. Their customer service dept. Kept me on the phone for over 40 minutes. After 40 minutes they told me that 1) they do not refund nook purchases 2) there was no mode of addressing my concerns 3) they informed me I was mistaken. It was actually approx. 80 purchases and not “just” 14 purchases 4) they would escalate the complaint/issue/problem to the “higher levels” and address issue in 48 hours. After the 48 hour interval they would contact me to advise if they would be able to make an “exception” in my case. I explained that the 80 transactions within 90 minute time frame was further proof of unusual aunathorized activity.In my 3-4 years of owning a nook there have never been more than 3-4 purchases at one time within a week time frame. After 2 weeks they left me a voice mail saying there was “little or nothing” they could do and that the charges that had decimated my checking account would stand. I contacted my bank and filed a claim. The back took approx. 60 days to investigate incident and found in my favor. They notified me via usps mail that my claim was valid and they allowed the temp credit they had issued me pending investigation to stand. As a penalty barnes and noble blocked my nook account. I was advised unless I paid for at least 30 of the applications my account would be of no use to me no further purchases would be allowed. This is clearly vindictive and punitive.

Found At: Barnes & Noble Booksellers – scam fraud

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