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I ordered a 60″ soaking tub. In order to install, the installers took out an unnecessary wall in my bathroom (which I begged them to take out) and built a new half-wall that would contain the new tub. However, when the salesman first measured, he had no way of forseeing that there was a vent pipe in the wall we were taking down. What he could have forseen was that if a 60″ tub was installed, including halfwalls and lost space, that would put the end of my halfwall at 14″ from the outer wall of the bath – no room to maneuver. I had to settle with the 54″ tub – which isn’t what I wanted.

After thinking about it overnight, I called the company to find out about a price reduction – after all, I’m being asked to take a tub I don’t really want, a full 6″ shorter than what I do want. First the local office told me they don’t give discounts and the salesman couldn’t have forseen the vent pipe. Well, no, he couldn’t have. But I wouldn’t have ordered it so quickly (and maybe not at all) if I knew I had to have a 54″ tub.

Then I called the main number, which appears to be in TN. They told me the individual stores set their own prices, and there’s nothing they can do about it. So I informed them I’d be leaving bad reviews all over the internet. Then I got a call back telling me the owner of the local office would be calling me to “tell me why it is the way it is.” With phrasing like that, I can’t hardly wait.

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