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I emailed Baxter Family Pugs through their website and Vickie Baxter (formerly Pait and Canales) emailed me stating she had a litter due 12/2019. She produced an online contact for me to sign to secure a tan male pug with $100.00 deposit to be paid via PayPal. The contact states CASH ONLY is accepted for the remaining $1, 100.00 due at pickup. Carrying that much cash around a stranger is dangerous no matter how many times you talk, text or meet in public. If the issue is transaction fees, she should raise the price to cover costs. Request the two parts of the financial transactions happen through a bank.
We exchanged messages back and forth from 12/26 (pups were born this day) to 1/30 on a near daily basis. We discussed a pickup date around 2/20. On 1/31, she texted an odd message to me indicating she had fears of me dumping the puppy, leaving it in a crate all day, and if I was aware puppies pottied and needed time, love, and attention. She stated we never had visited via phone unlike others who were adopting. Since we had communicated almost daily since the puppy was born, she had gained my trust. I stated I would be glad to visit with her. We talked for 30 minutes via phone. I asked about protection from parvo, vaccinations, and a had a general conversation of getting familiar with her. I had a witness to the full conversation present. I shared my partner works from home, our pup would not be crated, and have companionship daily including traveling with us instead of being boarded. I told her if it was developmentally appropriate, he could stay with the mother another week. She continued to apologize for offending me. I wasn’t offended but refused to provide her with the validation she was seeking. I knew what she was doing.
Within twelve hours of our phone conversation, she indicated she had “prayed about it” and that I was the wrong owner and that I needed to do more breed research. She said I couldn’t devote enough time to the puppy despite having a spouse who works from home and my employment being five minutes from the house. Baxter Family Pugs Facebook page posted the dog as sold with its sibling at 2:35pm the day after she broke contract. If she would have expressed interest in having the puppy join its sibling, I would have respected that. I suspect the deal to sell the puppies as a package had already been made when she sent the initial long weird text, but of course do not have a way to fully confirm. I’m basing my suspicion on the timeline. She has every right to break her word, but this got me thinking… Why is so much cash is being demanded? Why is the PayPal account in her husband’s name, not hers? I encourage you to research public Oklahoma court records (finances) and form your own opinion. Check last names Pait, Baxter, and JVB LLC. She became hostile when I said I would contact my attorney. She told me to use the attorney of my abusive ex-spouse who is incarcerated for political corruption and mocked me as a survivor of domestic violence. I have saved all her messages to support this statement. Think about the character of a person who mocks domestic violence.
My attorney encouraged me to inform the public about my experience differentiating fact and my personal opinion as well as the BBB, American Kennel Association, among others. FYI, The “AKC is not affiliated with and does not license or endorse any breeders”. Direct quote from their website. Try to find customer reviews outside of Facebook. Why is there no Google review page? Try to find Baxter Family Pugs as a licensed business with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. I’m not sure why, but she didn’t provide me with references. I think she should have automatically done this. No customer should fear providing honest feedback. Oklahoma Senate Bill 12-1430 provides protection to citizens of Oklahoma (anti-SLAPP law) to encourage and safeguard the constitutional rights of consumers to speak freely and honestly without fear of frivolous lawsuits.
Her pictures do not originate in Checotah, OK. Apple tags them to Council Hill, OK. It was my opinion from our phone conversation I was not welcome to pick the pup up at its home. She didn’t outright say it but that was my impression via phone. I was curious to see the parents and the conditions the pup was raised in. Outside of doing your research about the breed, which was the first thing I did, do your research on this “company” and her. She hurt us by sharing images nearly daily of what we believed was our future little family member and the way she broke her word attacking me. She was unprofessional at best and deeply cruel at worst.
Anyone can hide behind a good looking website saying all the right things (like a housekeeper turned “breeder”). It’s all the little things that don’t add up that make the difference. This experience has taught me to do a background check, look up financial records on “breeders” and think twice about cash heavy outfits.

Found At: Baxter Family Pugs – unprofessional business practices

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