One would anticipate at least the branch manager to be an honest business man who does not withhold information from his/her “valued” customers. Upon signing up with BBVA Compass, I was promised a signing incentive which I had not received. Upon further investigation, I was told I no longer qualified and would not be delivered the promised incentives.

No free money. Fine. My primary complaint is how long they strung me along to keep my account open before finally telling me they would not be fulfilling the deal promised – months. Literally, months.

Aside from the issue that I cannot trust this bank, many other problems popped up. One day they would not let me cash my check (yes, MY bank would not let me cash MY check) insisting I could only deposit it to be held for 24 hrs before I could access it. Debit charges on gas, groceries… everything… take sometimes DAYS to post.

If I had any positive feedback, I would include it as well. Unfortunately, I have been given no reason to leave such feedback.

Closed my accounts and will never give them my business again.

Found At: BBVA – horrendous customer service

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