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I called about getting a burned out light fixture repaired. I explained to the person on the phone what the fixture looked like. She said that she would have the service person put 2 fixtures in his van to bring out. When the service person got here, I explained that the fixture was on when it went out. The service person said he would check the light switches first. I explained to him again twice that it was the light fixture since it was on when the light failed. He ignored me and went ahead and wasted an hour on checking the switch with no problem found. He then removed the light fixture and determined it was burned out. He forget to bring the two light fixtures with him, so he went to Home Depot to get them. After numerous other delayed he finally put the fixture in and it worked. After other adjustments were made by Belco management, the charge wound up to be $378.82. If this service rep had not charge me for the wasted hour on checking the switches and the wasted hour going to Home Depot to pick up light fixtures, which he should have brought with him, the charge would have been $182.82. Thus, I asking for a $196 refund for this dishonesty.

Found At: Belco Electric, Inc. – Service to fix a burned out ceiling light fixture.

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