United Medical Center - negligence

Due to overpriced, and dishonest (a SGD 199 chair in Furniture Mall, they sold for SGD500.) We requested cancellation of purchase within 24 hours, the sale person gave an excuse that business owner was not around. We also offered them SGD 200 for cancellation fee. After one week they asked for higher price, the reason is they have high cost of business operation and government taxes.

Another incident happened in this shop, while we’re viewing the sofa set. My mobile phone was left in the sofa, the sale person took my phone and put into his pocket. I’ve been searching around for 10 mins in front of them, no one offered help, until i used my wife’s phone to ring my phone, first trial phone was silenced, second trial i tried recovery mode, the phone was ringing in his pocket. He tried walk away from me, when i heard the ringtone and i stared at him. He pulled put my phone explained he afraid other customer will take my phone so he helped me keep aside until i come back to them.

This shop has serious problem, try not to shop here to avoid unpleasant experience.

Found At: Beng Hwa / Mr Decor (IMM) Pte Ltd – furniture

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