Berkeley College

DO NOT GO to Berkeley College! This is a genuine warning for college seekers.

Five Reasons Why You Should NOT go to Berkeley College

1. Very expensive
2. Not a recognized/reputable college
3. Poor administration
4. Always being investigated
5. Remedial education

I regretfully attended Berkeley College like many others. High school students, transfers, and people looking for a college, look elsewhere. Current students, get out before you dig yourself further into the money hole.

In today’s job market, it’s tough to find a job/career. So tough in fact, that individuals with master’s degrees are working alongside individuals without a high school diploma. You get this fancy degree with a heavy heaping of debt in hopes of a better life. But your degree is useless, that is especially true for Berkeley College, YOU JUST GOT SCAMMED. Literally, you’re better off not going to college, then going to Berkeley College. For people who do not have privilege or come from a low income family, do not go to this school. Berkeley College should never ever cross your mind. This “school” is a for-profit college. They make a financial gain off of the students by putting them into large amounts of debt. You will not be told this as they admit you into the school. Most people enrolled in for-profit colleges like Berkeley College are minorities (Google it). They do this because it’s way harder for these groups to overcome their debt. Even if you aren’t from these groups, you’re shelling out money for a degree from Berkeley College, which is never worth it. Oh, and financial aid/scholarships won’t be able to save you from some sort of debt. You will have debt when you leave Berkeley, no matter how good your grades are. Save yourself tens of thousands of dollars by choosing a better college or even a community college. You’ll see an actual return on your time and money and a degree you can use.

77% of people who applies to Berkeley College are accepted (red flag). Even community colleges don’t have acceptance rates that high; and real reputable private college wouldn’t dare to have a rate that high. Berkeley College makes tens of thousands off of each student, so it makes sense why they have an acceptance rate of almost 80%.
When I applied to this “college”, my grades were the absolute worst, but they made a way for me to slide right on in. There’s a lot of remedial action and catching up at that school. Of course, there’s people with good grades but according to who? When I use to tell people I went to Berkeley, every time I would get, “The one in California?” (University of California, Berkeley, a legitimate college) I would go on to explain the one in Tristate area and then they looked at me crazy, and add “I never heard of it.” This is especially important when you’re looking for a job. You have to do so much more just to get your foot into the door. Unlike other colleges where, the name/degree gets you in. Berkeley College is a horrible college that isn’t recognized anywhere except by scam artists.

The heads of Berkeley College are horrible. From the owners to the president straight down to the board. Horrible because these people know the circumstance they’re putting people in and yet they still work there. You are seen as an ID, a number and nothing more. I wrote, called, and emailed the heads/secretary in regards to my dissatisfaction of life after Berkeley. And I got no response, numerous attempts and nothing. But while I was there I could contact anyone with little to no trouble. I contacted these people with no problem before graduating. See how that works?
Going back to the reputability, a degree from Berkeley College is equal to a high school diploma. This is what I gathered from my experience and other alumni. You cannot go anywhere solely with this scam degree, I and so many others wasted so much time here it is ridiculous.
The school is so bogus that they had to rid their internal career section. What use to be there was simply horrible. A very long list of retail jobs not CAREERS and a sprinkle of questionable job postings. Moreover, these people expected you to pay your six figure loan with a retail job, Really?
There are good people that work for Berkeley College (the employees not the administrators). Out of four, you would get one professor that you actually learn from and get challenging work. There are some counselors who want to help as well. They hire these people so they can overshadow the heads of this scam college and the staff (who are former students) that are tired of the scam themselves and now work for it.

BERKELEY COLLEGE IS ALWAYS UNDER INVESTIGATION! Google It! Please do your research before Berkeley College has this information moved around so it’s harder to access like they have done before. They do not want you to see the scam they are running. Putting people, especially low income people in debt is the name of the game.
Aside from the bogus reviews, listed throughout this forum, there are honest and truthful reviews like this one. So many complaints and discrepancies but nothing happens, that is because the heads have power to get by and keep this scam college open. Each year there’s a major investigation on this college, think about that.

After graduating from Berkeley College, I did not know how unprepared I was for the “world.” They put me in so much debt, they could at least give me some useful information. Most graduates are happy they made it and blinded by the accomplishment of graduating. But when it’s time to enter the job market, boy, does life (and this scam) hit you. Talking with people in my related field and not knowing certain things was embarrassing. Considering I left the school on the honors list, I do not know exactly where the missing link laid except in remedial education. A lot of the stuff taught is filler and you get to major courses later on in the degree. Everything is planned perfectly with these people.


Everything expressed above is my opinion. I’m currently suffering the consequences of going here and I want to deter (low income) people from going here before they make the mistake of falling for the Berkeley College scam.
Thank you for reading and share this message.

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