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We’ve all seen the new kiosks Best Buy has installed in many locations from Airports to malls. I’ve always been intrigued as I’ve seen them at Best Buys way to try an reinvent itself. A sort of re-engineering of the Block Buster debacle. During many occasions I’ve perused the mobile accessory items sold in these machines. And much to my surprise the prices were/are the same as you would find at a store. Then on May 28, 2013 while heading out on a business trip through the Orlando International airport I had a few minutes to spare before boarding and gave in to the impulse buying urge and purchased a set of headphones. You know, the retro Dj style expensive kind that are all the rage these days. Chose the merchandise, swiped my card, opted for the email receipt and moments later I get my package. Well, I wasn’t extremely happy with the headphones and decided to return them thinking I can go to my local Best Buy store and simply exchange them for a better set. Not true. When I printed the receipt and read it, I then realized these kiosks are managed by a third party (Zoom System), which has a “return the item only if it has a manufacturer defect” policy. To quote the receipt ” Best Buys Express will refund purchase price and accept the return of the defective or unopened merchandise if the item is returned within 15 days of purchase”.
So I called the customer service and was told the items sold at the kiosks are not synced with items sold at the store and could not be returned unless there is a defect. And I would not be able to do an exchange at a store. I was also told the return policy is advertised during the sale transaction on the screen. I don’t recall this. And it’s most likely the fine print EVERYONE bypasses.
I was not willing to take ‘No’ for an answer, so I went to my local Best Buy store and explained the situation. At first I was told I could return the merchandise. That’s when I showed the customer service rep the receipt which states otherwise. She then disappeared to the back to speak to a manager. Upon her return, I was expecting the worst, but to my surprise I was issued a store credit. I was very grateful.
Buyer Beware! When purchasing something from these kiosks, think twice. Your local Best Buy store may not be as accommodating

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