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We are the Smith’s and we’re sharing our story to bring awareness to birth moms and families, so they will not have to experience the pain of losing their child. Our personal story involves an Open Adoption agreement with Bethany Christian Services in Memphis, TN.

To give a brief glance of our story, we got custody of our grandbaby after she was born through Juvenile court. We are recognized as her birth parents in the State of Tenn. She spent her first two months of her life in NICU and we have raised her for three years.

In Jan. 2017, we found out that our grandbaby was not biologically ours, but she has our DNA in her heart. We are an African American couple and our grandbaby is White and we love her dearly. In Jan. 2018, we made a difficult decision to go through an Open Adoption with the agency. In the beginning, we made it known to the agency and the adoptive couple that we wanted to be natural active grandparents and both sides agreed.

To sum it up, the agency and the adoptive couple gave us the impression we were in an Open Adoption agreement, only to shut us out of our baby’s life post finalization. In Oct. 2018, we asked for our baby to be returned. The agency refused and tried to proceed to finalization against our wishes. After learning of this, we hired an attorney who identified this to be Open Adoption Fraud. Since Nov. 2018 we have been in court. The attorneys representing the agency and the adoptive couple have used every legal avenue against us. The adoption is not finalized and we’re fighting to get our grandbaby returned and to raise her in a loving and diverse household.

Since April 2019, Bethany has rebranded their logo and website. Bethany is now promoting the importance of Open Adoption as it helps discover how adoptive parents and birth parents can set the foundation for a lifelong relationship. Is the reason for this change due to States like Tennessee (a new bill passed in March) making Open Adoption agreements legally enforceable?

The adoption system is greatly flawed. It is a profit driven industry. Both adoptive parents and natural parents are exploited for what they bring to the table: money for fees and children for transfer. The children adopted are treated like a commodity with the transfer of parental rights to a child bought and sold. We are living proof. Instagram: @decsmith50

Found At: Bethany Christian Services – open adoption fraud complaint

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