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I purchased my flat iron from a kiosk in Auburn Ma on 3/5/13. I’ve been very happy with it but it recently it stopped working. I was told when I purchased it that it came with a lifetime warranty and that I just needed the receipt & the original packaging & could return it for a free replacement. My paperwork clearly says that I would need to “add a check or money order in for $25.99 to allow fast shipping and handling and posted” . When I called to ensure this is what I needed to do to get a replacement they told me that was an “old” brochure & it would now cost 35.99 for the warranty fee. I told them I had the paperwork that quotes me a different price for shipping & handling & that they should honor what my paperwork says but they still disagree. I feel this is a very poor business practice and most certainly won’t be purchasing anything else from them in the future!

Found At: Beyond the Beauty – Not honoring existing warranty

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