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Dear Mr. Rana,

Spoiling the name of Dinshaws – Bharat Soda Factory Ghodhani Road Yavatmal

I am from Nagpur and love your brand and taste. It’s one of the taste that lingers in mind from childhood days at Sadar area.
I went to shop in Yavatmal called Bharat Soda Factory at Ghodhani Road.

I saw the shop was empty and went to ask for different ice creams and varieties. It was a rude shock to me when the owner raised his voice, was ill-mannered and condescending. I asked for choco-bar, He said “OH I THOUGHT YOU HAVE COME TO BOOK A MARRIAGE ORDER”, “WE HAVE NO CHAIRS, YOU CAN ONLY TAKE AWAY”
He also abused me when I told him that this is not the way to speak to customers he said words which I cannot say here. I am was no mood to fight and simply left and understood why this place stays empty without any customers.

This is not what I would expect from a Dinshaws shop which is built it’s name around it’s taste and customer service. This person whose name I do not know does not deserve to have your brand associated with it. I love your brand would still buy it from other shops. This was something I thought to write to you and let you know.

Thats all. Thank you for reading.

I hope you take some concrete steps to build good distributors and train them to handle customers.

Thank you


Found At: Bharat Soda Factory Yavatmal – rude and abusive owner — please do not visit

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