Big Fish Games

my account got disabled last monday. This due to a refund mistake
Made a purchase of 380 euro’s and facebook redunded it..
I asked customer service for help, but i didnt got any help
so i decided to buy coins worth 380 euro again so they got it back.

I emaild again, over and over.. No answers, my tickets in app itself, gets deleted. There is NO help from this helpdesk

I spended a ton of real money, and this is how they treath you, ..

A helpdesk should provide you help if needed, specially when they got 1000’s of euros from you.
They name their customers VIP.. but i ask myself what that means in their eyes, cuz they just ignore you

So my account is still disabled. I dont get any response or help.Thats just great isnt it?
I want my account back.

Without help i gave them the 380 euros back, they removed the coins from my account, so its even now. But yet i still dont have acces to my account
and without a response of BF customer service… i cant do anything.

I hope to get a solution from Big fish otherwise im gonna ask for help monday and if i need to some legal steps. Cuz this is just insane that a helpdesk isnt able to help you. Or isnt, they just delete ur message’s… insane!.. absolutely insane!.. All i did was give them money over the years.. So much for being a customer right? I feel sick about this.. Ugh

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