Big Lots

I purchased the shadow creek 10×12 gazebo $599.99 about two months ago. I just put it up today and the netting/privacy curtains are damaged. I went to biglots in newburgh and spoke to the manager. She told me to call biglots customer service and give them the item#[protected] and they will replace the part the netting/privacy curtain at no cost. I called customer service and spoke to a guy named diana and he told me that biglots is not responsible for the damage part., to call the maufacture this is just not ok! I can’t bring this big gazebo back down to return it back to biglots. It took us 5hrs to put up. All i’m asking is that I need the curtains replaced, thats all! Why is so hard! Manager at the store tells me one thing and customer service is telling something else. Like really! Believe me I am very frustrated and upset. I do hope that I get the part asap! I’m having a party in 2 weeks!

Found At: Big Lots – shadow creek 10×12 gazebo #[protected]

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