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I went into your big lots store at 7951 S. Broadway in Littleton, CO. I was shopping for a birthday gift for my Grandson. When I was in the toy isle I noticed a Dinosaur toy(prehistoric pet) that was on an advertised sale for $15.00. When I took this toy up to the register it rang up at $39.99 I showed the cashier the sign and stated it was the only one back there and the sign was on the self directly under the toy. She called the Assistant Manager(Payton) and he stated he could not make the choice as there was a big difference between the two prices and the advertisement expired on 10/29.

He called a store Manager(Linda) and she asked if it was the same sku#, and the cashier said no it rang up as a prehistoric pet however not a pterodacyl. So what is wrong with this? Advertisements not being pulled a toy that has the same name (prehistoric Pet) and the store did not honor this. I can’t begin to say how upsetting this is for the consumer. This leads to very bad business.

Found At: Big Lots – very upsetting experience

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