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I have a serious issue with the amount of time wasted as people just sit waiting to get stuck. I have currently sat for over an hour in the bay and s have not gotten stuck. When I look around, there are 4 others in the same bay with the same dilemma. The response from the assistant manager was that she is the only one sticking people in the bay. Now, it’s not her fault but I do not understand why and how management isn’t monitoring and adjusting their client appointments and staffing better. This isn’t the first time that this has been experienced. However, this is the worst time yet because as I look around, I notice the center isn’t excessively crowded like weeks past.

I would like management to look at this closely and really monitor and adjust. This waste people’s time and creates a huge dissatisfaction. If the center goes to the extreme of requiring appointment and issues cancellations for being 10 minutes late, the center should also maintain a good balance of time management for its clients.

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