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Today, 6/13/18, I went to biolife in diamond center, mentor, ohio. I had just brought my friend in as a referral after months of donating at this location. As i’m standing next to her doing her sign up, i’m approached by a big, older blonde woman with short hair who asks me to come into her office. They proceed to tell me that my outfit is inappropriate and “too risqué” to complete a donation and I would need to change if I wanted to donate. I will include a picture of my outfit, but I was wearing a low cut, long sleeve shirt with long black, high waisted leggings. She made me turn around so she could “determine” if my pants were appropriate. First off, I was shocked and appalled, because if my chest wasn’t a 34ddd, it wouldn’t have been a problem, but I was sexualized, discriminated against and embarrassed for wearing the outfit I was about to go on a date in. The friend I brought in was also appalled by this behavior, because when I mentioned my shirt at the front desk, the middle aged woman had nothing to say about it. My friend personally doesn’t want to come back to this establishment but i’ve convinced her to at least finish her 2nd donation so it wasn’t time wasted. We looked through her panflets and it said nothing of a dress code that you have to adhere to. I understand if I was actually in a skimpy outfit, but I was not, no midriff in high waisted pants, no short shorts, not even shoulders. I’m a thin, big chested girl and there’s nothing I can do about that and I don’t believe your staff has the right to criticize me for cleavage. Honestly i’m embarrassed to even go back to the location and i’d appreciate a copy of your “dress code” so I know for next time. This isn’t the first time an older woman has tried to tell me my clothes were inappropriate when other members of your establishment said there was no issue. This is not high school. I’m not a distraction to your workers, and if I am, find better ones. I’d like you to walk out of a busy place and come back in with a big dirty baggy shirt with everyone staring at you because of something you can’t control. I’d appreciate some sort of compensation or to at least know you’re telling your employees they can’t discriminate and embarrass people who are only there to help do a good. I didn’t know my cleavage affected the usefulness of my plasma, nor does anyone else understand how I would not be allowed to donate over a shirt. [protected] is how you may contact me in regards to this.

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