BioLife Plasma Services

I arrived for my first appointment at 12:15 a few minutes early. The person at the desk was friendly and took my info and had me wait in the waiting room/child care area.

The same employee came to me and asked me what time I ate breakfast. I told her 7am.

She said that was too long ago to donate today.

I let her know that was what time I had eaten breakfast. I had eaten lunch at 11 and also a snack right before I headed out to my appointment.

I had a healthy lunch,

as well I had just eaten 350 calorie healthy snack right before coming and had been drinking water all morning.

She said that was not enough and told me to come back another time.

I booked this appointment, took time out of my day and made sure I had followed all of the guidelines.

I felt dismissed and shoo’d out of the appointment.

I was ready and able to get my physical as well as donate plasma today and was ushered out quickly without any sufficient answers to my questions about why I couldn’t keep my appointment except that I had not eaten enough.

She kept saying this as well as that the nurse would be mad at her. She really wasn’t making sense and I decided to take next weeks appointment that was offered and just leave.

Found At: BioLife Plasma Services – Customer service front desk

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