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I have been a yahoo small business customer for 6 years.

We sell horses and our website just disappeared yesterday without warning.

I have 450 customer testimonials and literally hundreds, if not thousands of horse photos annd videoclips archived on the yahoo server –the ONLY copies of my 450 customer testimonials and pictures are backed up in my yahoo database—which has now been deactivated, annd we have no idea WHY> I spoke with yahoo this afternoon—as our website, and my email, are down, and they said they removed our entire website this morning, and canceled the account by deactivating it, and won’t be putting it back up, because they said we “violated their terms of service”.

I KNOW the website looked fine at 10 yesterday morning, as I had just uploaded new pictures and videoclips of a horse named Magnifiek and checked the videoclips to make sure they looked good.

I made all the changes at :

When I asked Yahoo to release all our files, including our 450 pages of customer testimonials, all our pictures and videos of horses, etc, they refused, and cannot even release all the files on our site, so that we can utilize someone different for our web hosting.

I can only guess that someone hacked our website, as Yahoo yanked the entire site, and canceled our account, and refuses to reactivate our website, or more importantly to me, since I receive over 500 emails per day, my email

There is no one to actually talk to at Yahoo, since the account was canceled due to “abuse”.

I am 100% sure that pretty pictures of black horses does not count as “abuse”, but how can we get the files for the website released from Yahoo?

Suggestions? I have sent 25 emailed letters to the abuse dept at yahoo, with only an automated response letter stating our account was deactivated, and that we were welcome to create a new one.. …


Not a good time to have no means of doing business, no website, no access to email, we NEED our 450 customer testimonials back, and all our files and photos of horses for sale!


Janna Goldman

Black Sterling Friesians

75 Corte De Sabla

Greenbrae, CA 94904

Home: [protected]

FAX: [protected]

Cell :[protected]

Found At: Black Sterling Friesians – Fwd: Please help– we must have access to our files in order to recreate 450 customer testimonials!!!!

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