Shame Shame Shame on the senior management of Bloomingdale’s Customer Service. You are not in touch with the operations. The reps lie, put you on hold for excessive periods of time, hang up and just leave you on hold for ever. You cannot esculate to a manager and you are left dealing with rude, untrained, uncooperative customer reps.

The delivery process is horrible! The whole process is terrible every step of the way. If you order from Bloomingdale vs. Macy’s they are not even aware.

Just horrible – order from another company. Poor Bloomingdales have let the poorly training rude people impact their reputation and service. Congrat to the executive who falsely pride themselves on running the company! Learn to do the right thing and set the tone and correct expectations. Your people reflect your poor managment.

Found At: Bloomingdale’s – the worst customer service staff – no accountability

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