United Medical Center - negligence

The blu company is absolutely ridiculous. They took almost a month to ship the product. Then, it sits in North Carolina for a week before it was even sent over here to nevada. After the frustrating week or so of having to see that my package has never even left North Carolina, it finally makes it here to Las Vegas. Now comes the beautiful part (you ready for this ###ic display of musical boxes malarkey?) for FOUR days my package gets pushed through the sorting facility time and time again without any attempt to deliver my package to our complex, and the funniest part is that they put it in the WRONG zip code. THEN they send the package back to the company in North Carolina. Now comes the shady, dirty and low ball move. We call Blu and tell them that THEY as well as the USPS screwed up and no we’re not going to recieve our package. We’re absolutely frustrated at this point but we can deal with it as long as Blu is willing to just ship us another one via a more PROPERLY functioning delivery service as well as put our order in front of others so we can get it in a matter of days. They say NO! They say they won’t send the package back immediately, in FACT, they tell us that we have to RE-ORDER the product and go through the MONTH and a HALF of waiting all over again because they screwed up along with the USPS. They refused to give us any kind of break regardless of their mistake, sent us back to the BACK OF THE LINE of an endless sheet of orders and tell us we have to re-order AFTER they start accepting orders again. This company may have a good product but their service and the way they handle themselves are absolutely ridiculous, half-assed and completely unproffessional.

Found At: Blu Cigarettes – Bad service

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