United Medical Center - negligence

Blue Financial Services was Credit – U and before that they were Kagisano. Evidently changing their name doesnt mean that their errors have changed!

I have had a mountain of issues with them when they were still Credit-U. They kept deducting my payments off twice! then it took days to get the money back and in the meantime i had debit orders that would return because there wasnt enough money in my account.

Since then i’ve had to take out another loan. However my previous Loan was suppose to be paid in full (According to the contract that have signed with them!) on the 30th of June. This month (2 months later) they deduct the amount for my current loan AND another R1k + R500. Allegedly for my previous loan! WHAT? I tried to explain to them that this is not my issue! They were suppose to deduct the full amount owed at the end of June! NOT 2 months later!

I am still waiting for them to get back to me and tell me what the amount owed really is. My contract for that loan ended June. They never send statements and so i never knew that i may have owed more. They didn’t contact me regarding this! They cannot just deduct money left right and centre!

Found At: Blue Financial Services – I have had a mountain of issues with them

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