Bluegreen Vacations

My wife and I attended a free three day weekend at one of the clubs, in early 2019. For this we had to sit through a presentation for the purchase of a timeshare. After we sat through the time share, we then spoke to several people providing us with a deal.

One of the first things I was told and now learn was false, was i could deduct the mortgage interest on my Taxes. WRONG this tax deduction i learned later was removed in 2018.

Second was being a part of blue green, allowed me to stay in their Sister hotels for no more than $69. a night, regardless of price. I thought this would be great as my wife at the time traveled alot. This to was WRONG. We would receive a discount, which was never anymore than 10 dollars a night.

We were also told we could Resale the deed back. AGAIN wrong, my wife was laid off from work so we began to research on how to sale it back and was told there is no resale in Blue green.

We were told out maintenance fees would be Minimal and quoted one price. And learned that to Was WRONG.

We purchased in May 2019, we have never used it, nor have we ever been to the orientation meeting.

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